Businesses joining LOONLO to be part of the Agent Network, using LOONLO Agent Network as their sale force, make sale and to promote their products and services. All Businesses can also access to LOONLO’s Business Strategic Consultant Core for business expansion resources and supports.


Business name and address, contact email and phone, introduce your business to the network. Start to promote your business by create a group and write forum. Unlike regular social media sitea, here in LOONLO, the system can pick up keywords of what you type and your business nature, then once you make offers to the network, customers will come


Vendor to other General Agents, let other agents to sell your products and services. Make good use of LOONLO to boost your business and name

Create Your Sale Team

Once General Agents start to sell your product, you automatically create yourself a united circle in the network. Teate them well and you can do really good


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