LOONLO Business Solutions (LOBS) is a core business of the LOONLO network

LOBS consist of SIX parts:

  1. Setup your own business assisstance
  2. Buy-In and Investment Choices
  3. Business Expansion and Takeover Assistance
  4. Profit and cost cutting consultant
  5. Business in China to perform here in Canada and USA
  6. Business in Canada and USA to perform in China

Member Service:

LOONLO members can gain access to rich up-to-date resources for the business opportunities they are looking for, like with other level of agents, their businesses will perform better even with internal consumption.


Member can setup their own system after login, if you find it difficult or no time to do so, hire our staff to set it up for you, a small fee of $199 apply. Click HERE

Question? Go visit our group and submit your question: @loonlo



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