LOONLO Academy (LOAC) is a core business of the LOONLO Network

LOAC is not your regular school, it has a task, and this task is to help LOONLO generate new geniuses and working force to meet tomorrow’s market needs. Good education comes from better language skills, so we focus heavily on English training.

The stages we are in are critical to all children’s future development, we are not here to teach them how to get their Master Degree or become an amazing person. We are here to show them the basic of what they need to become one. All successes are started with the right take-off.

  • Childcare
  • Junior High
  • Secondary
  • English Level Assessment

These 3 levels of education are the most important stages to build children’s foundation of what their future will be, there is no short cut, or money can buy.  The only way is to learn and feel the logic and how to face critical situation. With these, a good education in school will follow.

  • English Level Testing (after school program, grade 7-12)
  • English Proficiency Learning (after school program, grade 7-12)
  • Logical & Critical Mind Training (Grade 1 – 6)
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership and Global Learner
  • Addictive Awareness
  • Foresees, Broad-Minded and Respectful

This core business is open for any interested members to join. Question? Ask in our group: @loonlo



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