LOONLO is a one of a kind system, its a new philosophy of how business works, and how anyone can make money with buy & sell, how to earn a profit from a vendor that you don’t owned. It’s not just a web platform here, it connects solidly between businesses and individuals with common interests, and these common interests are money, interest, goals and future. Due to theses common interests are real and achievable, it makes all of these bonds are unbreakable.

In short:

For Individuals:

LOONLO helps you, as a members (GA) to engage with businesses of your choice and make money by being their salesperson. LOONLO will take a cut from their profit (not bonus) and pay to you and your commission earning. These are real deals, you are not earning points or something you will never get pay from. Every products within Agent Market will show the percentage cut offer by vendor.

For Businesses:

LOONLO is a marketplace to promote your business, they can be products or services, show our General Agents (GA) who you are and how they can sell your product and how much are you going to pay them if they get you a deal. This, is very powerful, you are hiring thousands of GA to work for you within your region.

Some restrictions apply, Business who wishes to become a Business Agent (BA) must first become a General Agent. Monthly fee of $28 a month required.




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