An individual what are co-owner with LOONLO on a business which subsidiary of LOONLO, is called a Principal, who also an agent, so they called: Principal Agent (PA)

Principal Agent are same as General Agent and Business Agent, because they own their core business and play a role as all other agents.


Similar to other businesses. The only difference is Principal Agent’s business is also partly owned by LOONLO’s core system. Principal Agents are here to promote the same task as Business Agents.


Principal Agents are also vendors. Enable other agents to sell your products and services. Make good use of LOONLO to boost your business and name.  Principal Agent’s business does not take priority over Business Agents’ businesses.

Create Your Sale Team

Once General Agents start to sell your product, you automatically create yourself a united circle in the network. Teate them well and you can do really good


You have to be invited into one of LOONLO’s open business opportunities, these are real opportunities where you have to make investment to become a part-owner. All business opportunities are listed under LOONLO Business Portal.

Too know what types of business opportunities LOONLO has to offer, and the full instructions of how to maximized the potential of being a Principal Agent, please login with your credential.




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