The S.E.E., breaks it down it means: Self Entrepreneurship Engagement Platform, members are divided into 3 categories:

  1. General Agent (GA)  – Members are here to make money with their free membership.
  2. Businesses Agent (BA) – Members are here as a Business or Vendor, they can add their business here to promote and to connect with buyers. Engage with #1 General Agents to be their sale force. All BA has the roles of GA and BA.
  3. Principal Agents (PA) – Members who are part owner with one of LOONLO’s network of business, they are partnership with a type of business owned by LOONLO or its affilates. The PA has the roles of GA, BA and PA.

Unlike any other social network sites, LOONLO is a platform built for INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESSES (B2B, B2C, & C2C).  Individuals can become an agent (GA) and share a profits with BA & PA for trigger a sales for them. Businesses can use the platform to promote their business and hire GA to sell their products or services.


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